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            This is the Blantyre
            Seventh Day Baptist
            Church in Malawi.
            More pictures from
            Africa are in the
            Malawi Journal and the
            Central Africa Album.

            The Bankal church
            is one of several
            Seventh Day Baptist
            Churches in the Philippines.
            Other churches are in the
            November 2002 Newsletter
            and in the Philippines Album.

            One Sabbath Day on
            the way home from
            Africa we stopped
            to worship with the
            Seventh Day Baptist
            Church of Haarlem
            in the Nederlands.

            The Australians also
            have Seventh Day Baptist
            Churches. This is a
            picture taken of the
            Brisbane Seventh Day
            Baptist congregation.

            The Sarver Fellowship
            Seventh Day Baptist is now
            the Alle-Kiski Valley
            Fellowship Seventh Day
            Baptist Church. It was begun
            by a former member
            of the Pawcatuck RI
            Seventh Day Baptist Church.

            The Hebron PA Seventh
            Day Baptist Church
            is 6 Miles up Dingman Run
            Crandall Hill on Coudersport Road
            Sabbath School is at 9:45 AM
            and Morning Worship is at 11:00 AM

            The "Iglesia Nacional
            Mexicana De Cristo
            del Séptimo Día A.R."
            is Spanish for the
            Seventh Day Baptists
            in Torreon, Mexico.
            Pictures of the construction.
            Pictures of the dedication.

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