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            This is a picture of
            the building being rented
            by the Bay Area CA
            Seventh Day Baptist
            Church. I was their
            pastor until we moved
            to Colorado.

            These are pictures of
            both the old and the new
            Riverside California
            Seventh Day Baptist
            Church buildings.

            The new sanctuary has
            the beautiful style
            of the old Spanish
            Missions. The bell
            was brought from
            Farina, Illinois.

            We were the student
            pastor when this old
            residence became
            the Washington DC
            Seventh Day Baptist
            meeting place. It is
            near the White House.

            The Verona Seventh
            Day Baptist Church
            has a new Fellowship
            Hall next door.

            The Paint Rock Seventh
            Day Baptist Church was
            organized in 1926 and
            meets at 92 Williamson
            Street. It has a
            special place in
            my heart. They had
            invited me as an
            evangelist for a week.

            I preached a series
            of sermons on the 7
            churches of Revelation.
            That week John D. Bevis,
            a former pastor, was
            a new visitor from
            Birmingham AL.
            Click for more photos.

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