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            I didn't have a picture of
            the Rockville RI Seventh
            Day Baptist Church.
            I tried my hand at
            drawing this picture.

            This is the White Cloud,
            MI Seventh Day Baptist
            Church. They now have
            new construction photos and
            a Mexico Project Album.

            I remember Boulder CO
            Seventh Day Baptist
            Church when it was on
            9th and Arapahoe but
            they have just recently
            built a new sanctuary.

            Texarkana Seventh Day
            Baptist Church now
            also has a new
            sanctuary for worship.
            The church is located in
            Arkansas but half the
            city is also in Texas.

            This is a picture of
            the new Seattle Area
            Seventh Day Baptist
            Church building.
            This sanctuary is in
            Auburn Washington.

            The Dodge Center 7th
            Day Baptist Church
            is in Minnesota,
            just 18 miles west
            of Rochester on Hwy 14.
            The church, founded
            in 1859, was later
            moved to the township.

            In 1762, George Martin
            left the Ephrata PA 7th
            Day Baptist Church
            and converted members
            of Swiss immigrant
            Hans Schneeberger
(“Snow Mountain”) and
            began Snow Hill Church.

            About 1845, a group
            left Snow Hill for
            Morrison's Cove and
            established the
            Salemville German
            Seventh Day Baptist
            Church, which is
            still in existence.

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