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            The story of the Newport
            RI Seventh Day Baptist
            Church organized in 1671
            is in the Fishermen's Net
                March 2000 Newsletter.
            The Hopkinton Church
            is now the oldest active
            Seventh Day Baptist
            congregation on
            American soil. It was
            organized in 1708.
            Millyard 7th Day Baptists in
            London claim the date 1617.

            This is the Plainfield NJ
            Seventh Day Baptist Church
            built from 1890 to 1894.
            It is a Richardsonian
            Romanesque structure
            with Gothic Revival
            elements. It is made
            of terra cotta and masonry.

            This is the beautiful
            stained glass window
of an angelic choir
            in the Plainfield
            New Jersey Seventh
            Day Baptist Church.

            My husband served as
            pastor and was
            ordained at the
            Seventh Day Baptist
            Church in Marlboro,
            New Jersey.

            I fell in love with this
            old church that was
            founded more than a
            hundred years ago
            by pioneers on the
            Nebraska plains. It is the
            North Loup Seventh
            Day Baptist Church.

            I saw this church in West
            Virginia. It is the
            Middle Island Seventh
            Day Baptist Church.

            Central Seventh Day
            Baptist Church meets
            at Hope Presbyterian
            in Mitchellville, MD
            at 1100 Enterprise Rd.
            To reach the church from
            the Beltway, go east on 214.

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